Bitozz Index

Bitozz Index FAQ

What is the Bitozz Index?

The Bitozz Index is specially invented for Bitcoin. With the Bitozz Index we can track the market mood which is huge helpful for professional traders. Not only the gauge and the Index value but it also has several different messages which tells a lot about the current situation of the Bitcoin.

How is the Bitozz index calculated?

The Bitozz index is based on the Bitcoin data itself and some stock market indexes which are mostly correlated.

The Bitozz index shows specific numbers between 0 and 100 where 0 has a bullish mood and 100 has a bearish mood.

When is the Bitozz Index generated?

The Bitozz Index is generated dynamically when there is a good opportunity or high risk at the Bitcoin market and it is at least generated once a day. Sometimes it will be generated few times a day.

How to use the Bitozz Index?

The Bitozz index is being used to gauge the mood of the market.

Many traders and investors are emotional and Bitozz Index can alert investors to their own emotions and biases that can influence their decisions.

Additionally the Bitozz Index has messages which are helpful to find local and major bottoms or tops in the Bitcoin market.


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