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NEW: Automate Your Trading

It does not matter if you are a crypto trader or not. We have the solution for you. Our signals will tell you what and when to trade. You can take our manual signals but if you want you can also join our auto copy trading service. We have added this new service because many clients where asking for this.

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Why us

We are a team of professional Coders and traders who have been active in the trading space for more then 7 years now.

Real Community
Real Community
Proven Stats
Proven Stats
Your Success is our goal
Your Success is our goal

Why use Bitozz Trading

We offer crypto signals in Telegram. You can easily join our channel with a monthly subscription package. Also, we have a free telegram group where you can check the signals and results.

On high demand we now offer also copy trading. So you can join and take our signals on auto pilote!

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Pricing Soon ...

Currently we only offer our free Group. We are doing some rebranding and new members can join soon. Be patience 😉

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Free Singal & Results Group

Our trading results are 100% transparant. We want to show everybody our performance.

And yes we also have now and then losing trades 😉


Here you can find some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

If you decide to join our crypto signals service then you will receive clear to read signals in telegram. We advice to check our free channel first so you can take a look.

YES! Because we got this question A LOT we have launched our new copy trading service. You can take then our signals on auto pilote.

NO! If you are following our manual signals then you are 100% in control of your funds. Also the same for the copy trader. We will never have access to your funds or trading account.

Yes if you check out our free telegram group you will see some free signals and also our latest results.

It would be impossible to promise a fixed profit per month. That’s why we suggest that you check our free channel for our latest return. We prefer that our results speak for them self.

Yes off course. If you are not happy with our services you can stop at any moment. The packages are monthly so you can cancel this at any time.

We are a team of coders and you can always contact us for coding of trading in trading view, java etc



If you are having questions feel free to contact us.

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Join our free group to check the real results.

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